Hip Replacement Surgery

Your Hip and You


As hip replacement surgery is considered a major surgical procedure, it is vital that you know and understand as much as possible about the treatment you are about to receive. This will not only save you from surprises but also allow you to better take on decisions that will affect your recovery.


What is a Total Hip Replacement?


A total hip replacement in an operation that replaces a hip joint that has been damaged, usually by arthritis.

Source: rudyard.org

The hip joint is a ball and socket joint. The ball is formed by the head of the thighbone (femur). The socket is formed by part of the pelvis (acetabulum). Usually the surface of the bones are covered with a smooth coating. This is called articular cartilage. When arthritis occurs, this coating wears away. This roughens the joint and cause pain and stiffness.

This operation aims to decrease pain, decrease stiffness, & improve your ability to get around and to do things.

A total hip replacement operation removes the damaged areas of the bone. The head of the femur is replaced with a special steel ball. The socket is replaced with a plastic cup. Replacing the damaged, roughened joint surface with the smooth metal and plastic is one important step in reducing your pain and allowing you to move more easily.

No implant can make your hip feel totally normal again, but in most cases you can expect improvements in pain and your ability to do normal tasks.

Know what kind of orthopaedic examinations will be performed by your surgeon.

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